Gravity Falls Fanfiction Top 5 Stories for Cartoon Animation Fans

The popular mysterious adventurous animated TV series was aired from the platform for Disney channel in 2012 till 2016. The series was created by Alex Hirsch and it was one of the top series popular among kids at that time. The adventures of Dipper Pines and Mabel are captivating and filled with fun for fans. It takes fans down on a mysterious adventurous roller coaster. In this article is an attempt to discuss on the Gravity Falls Fanfiction.

The mysteriousness is added through the inclusion of paranormal activities carried out by paranormal forces and supernatural creatures.

gravity falls fanfiction

                                                                     Gravity Falls Fanfiction

Everything that comes from the house of Disney is quite popular and discussed a lot. Over the years from Aladdin to Phineas Ferb and lots more. The fans delve into the world of the animated series and many wrote the fan fiction for the same characters by using their creativity and love for the story.

Mainly kids and teenagers are fond of amazing animated series and there is some well-written fan fiction that needs applause. This article is going to shed light on the top 5 Gravity Falls fanfiction for Gravity Falls fans.

  1. Home is Where the Haunt Is: This fan fiction relates to the time when Mabel started spending time with an old neighbor. Dipper becomes curious and suspicious about the old neighbor and started the search for secrets before a bad incident can happen. The story is written in 21 chapters and beautifully portrayed the mystery regarding the old neighbor.
  2. My Brother Dipper: This story is a random compilation of various stuff and events that take place in the Gravity Falls. This story demonstrates the gist of entire Gravity Falls fanfiction story in a great way. The events including Mabel making an emotional speech and other adventures which she took with her brother are discussed in this fan fiction marvel. The story includes six captivating chapters.
  3. Pacifica’s Revenge: The character of Pacifica and her revenge against Dipper is portrayed in this story. The story advents when Pacifica was humiliated in Irrational Treasure. The story was awarded as the “Best Gravity Falls FanFiction, 2012. The humor and romance used very well in the story and with over 24 chapters this is a quite distinct story as compared to other Fan fiction work on Gravity Falls.
  4. His Name was Billy Mischief: The story is set around 1928 when a mysterious unique man William M. Cipher arrives in the Gravity Falls. The little Oregon town changed forever. The Billy’s time spent in the little town is narrated. Humor and tragedy intermingled with a touch of mystery over 36 chapters are well demonstrated in this story.
  5. The Demon’s Rise: It is very captivating fan fiction story which revolves around the Demon that appears in Gravity Falls. The story starts in the middle of the night and suddenly in the forest mysterious sounds appears. A number of events take place and new characters are introduced in this story. Bill and Mabel set on for new discoveries regarding this mysterious demon. Secrets and stories are revealed pertaining to the Demon. This fan fiction story is nice to read with over 21 chapters.

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The adventures of Dipper Pines and Mabel are captivating and filled with fun for fans. It takes fans down on a mysterious adventurous roller coaster.

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