Exploring Methods on How to Make Life on Little Alchemy

If you search about “How to Make Life on Little Alchemy” then you have reached right forum. Over the years since the computers and graphics tuned in full swing to produce awesome games, there are a variety of games that are produced by the gaming manufacturers. The gaming industry is quite diversified and their games related to almost every stuff. One unique and interesting game titled” Little Alchemy” was released a couple of years ago.

Little Alchemy is a game which includes the combination of objects and tools in order to create some awesome cool things. The game is centered around four basic items to start with. The four basic items are air, earth, fire, and water.

how to make life on little alchemy

How to Make Life on Little Alchemy

The game is widely played by gaming geeks and students who brainstorm to create the life on the little alchemy. The game includes around 560 elements and it is available on major platforms which include Android and IOS etc.

The internet is filled with tons of stuff related to the game and users are encouraged to use different strategies to make wonderful stuff on the Little Alchemy. The most amazing thing is to make life on Little Alchemy and it is a bit difficult. This article is going to share the methods containing information on how to make life on Little Alchemy.

The two methods to How to Make Life on Little Alchemy are following:

  • Combined Usage of Swamp and Energy:

The process to create life falls in the four steps where individual elements are dragged and combined with other items to form joint products that later to be used in the creation of life.

First of all, the gamer needs to add air on the playing board. After dragging the air on playing board use fire on the air for the formation of energy. After making energy water to be put on another blank section. Now gamer needs to drop earth on water resulting in the mud.

After creating mud and energy gamer needs to drag air into a blank section of playing board. Adding water onto air forms the rain. Earth to be used on rain creating it in the plant. After forming plant gamer needs to combine mud and plant to form swamp.

In the end, the gamer needs to combine swamp and energy for the creation of life. The life is created.

  • Usage of Love and Time:

Life helps in creating humans that make love. In order to create and earth is used to life on the playing board to make human. By doing the same process the two humans needs to produce. Combining humans with humans creates the love.

After formation of love, the gamers need to take earth on playing board blank section. The combination of fire and earth gives birth to Lava. Lava to be used on the stone for forming a stone.

Gamers need to use stone with air to form sand. Repeat the same process for creation of two grains of sand. Once created use fire on sands to produce glass.

The usage of glass and sand creates the typical hourglass that represents time. In the final step, gamers need to used time and love for creating life.

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The Little Alchemy is a very interesting game for avid gamer who loves to delve into the micro stuff of game. The game boosts the mind creativity and can be great fun while playing along with friends. The Little Alchemy is a must try.


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